Fathers “Tie” a Family Together

Court Santa Sophia honored the fathers in the parish by serving a special brunch on Father’s Day. Fathers were treated to a complimentary meal and were given a sugar cookie “tie on a stick” decorated in CDA colors. On the menu was Summer Frittata, roasted potatoes and fresh fruit. Hosting Father’s Day brunch is truly a service and gift to our fathers more than a fund raiser.

I would like to thank Diana Garra and Cora McNamee-Lawson for helping with the cookie decor and wrapping, Chris Murphy and Cora, who helped with food prep on Saturday, and our food service volunteers: Dee Sanford, Claire Lake, Chris Murphy, Cora McNamee-Lawson, Carolyn Palm, Carmen Bauer, Bonni Esquibel, Carol Williams, Lou Turner and Melinda Bauers (my apologies if I forgot anyone). Your help really made the event wonderful!

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