Quality of Life

Quality of Life (Social Awareness) issues of our national program are the heart of our ministering to the needs of all peoples. We are called to reach out with compassion and support, to be helping hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow and sickness.

Below is a list of Quality of Life Projects that Court Santa Sophia has been involved with.

Fathers “Tie” a Family Together

Court Santa Sophia honored the fathers in the parish by serving a special brunch on Father’s Day. Fathers were treated to a complimentary meal and were given a sugar cookie “tie on a stick” decorated in CDA colors. On the menu was Summer Frittata, roasted potatoes and fresh fruit. Hosting […]

Honoring Fathers with a Special Brunch

FATHER’S DAY – Since 2006, it has been Court Santa Sophia’s tradition to honor fathers on Father’s Day with a special brunch. This year, under the coordination of Maria Elena Grimm, the CDA served a delicious brunch of scrambled eggs with vegetables, potatoes with chorizo,beans, tortillas, fresh fruit and Mimosas. […]