“Doing God’s Work” – The Catholic Charities Annual Baby Shower

ON JANUARY 31ST, Catholic Charities held their annual Baby Shower—an event that Court Santa Sophia has been participating in since its inception. Debbie Crutchfield and Anne Havin coordinated efforts to collect baby items and deliver them downtown to the Catholic Charities. It was a time to share and visit with ladies from various diocesan CDA parishes who came together with one common goal—to help mothers and their children. These ladies were excited about what they were doing. As reported by Anne, “We felt a kind of energy that only comes from doing God’s work!!”

Lizzet and Wendy, heads of the Catholic Charities Pregnancy and Adoption Services, stated that they rely heavily on donations generated by the Baby Shower and the CDA. Therefore, they make sure that the items are carefully distributed so that as many mothers as possible will benefit.
Santa Sophia CDA donated particularly darling baby clothes, blankets, baby booties, some handmade as well as purchased. We had received diapers, lotions, layette sets, and the list goes on.
Anne and Debbie were superstars of the day, with Anne being instrumental in getting a needs list to other CDA courts and Debbie being proactive in helping to move items to where they will be sorted. Once again, we can be proud of the generosities of Court Santa Sophia and our volunteers!! Next year we hope to have more members participate in the drop-off. It is very well worth the experience.

Anne Havin showing off an adorable shirt donated by a Court Santa Sophia member

Debbie Crutchfield sorts through the various donations

Lizzet and Wendy, heads of the Catholic Charities Pregnancy and Adoption Services

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