Garden of Innocence – Providing Dignified Burials for Abandoned Babies

The sun was a welcomed friend on the morning of January 15, 2011. While the earth at El Camino Memorial Park was damp from the recent rains, the hearts of the attendees for the burial of baby Nick were not. Among the participants at the Garden of Innocence’s graveside service were CDA members from Court Santa Sophia – Georgene Kruzel, Diana Garra, Cora McNamee-Lawson, Melinda Bauers and Melissa Hiatt. Each played a role in the service, from reading names of the babies to releasing doves in their honor.

The ceremony began with the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus processing to the grave site while carrying the tiny casket of baby Nick. Soloists sang spiritual songs and inspirational words were shared by a pastor from a Christian church. The attendees had a chance to hold the casket and say a prayer over baby Nick before he was laid to rest.

It was a touching and heart-felt ceremony. Tears of joy were shed for baby Nick, who will live (and play) in peace with the Lord in heaven.

Court Santa Sophia has committed to support the Garden of Innocence. We do so by raising funds, making bracelets and attending ceremonies. Members are notified by email of any upcoming services and are encouraged to participate.


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