Mother + Daughter May Day Tea

On May 1st, the sisters of Catholic Daughters let their “Martha Stewart” shine as they hosted a mother/daughter afternoon tea. Part of the proceeds will benefit Santa Sophia’s Vacation Bible School.

With tables sparkling with china, the May Day theme was made complete with maypoles, treat-filled “Tussy-Mussys” and pinwheels. Ladies of all ages enjoyed a luncheon of tea sandwiches and salads, along with an impressive array of cookies, sweet breads, cupcakes and tarts.

Two special sisters, Chrissy and Sara Rhamy, Miss Teen and Miss Pre-teen Spring Valley for 2010, spoke about their pageant experiences of the last year and gave us a glimpse of it with a power-point presentation. The girls then turned the table on the audience and had the young girls come up and answer “pageant-type” questions! The sisters were delightful!

The tea concluded with a fun necklace craft for the daughters, while the moms participated in stringing together bracelets for the Garden of Innocence project.

Thank you to all who participated in and contributed their fine talents to create a soothing and serene afternoon tea. It is my pleasure to work with women of your generosity.


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