Results of the 2011 Education Contest – “The Lord is My Light”

by Pam Kay

On Friday, February 25, a group of dedicated judges put their heads together to select the 2011 CDA Education Contest winners. Judges included Fred and Liz Chavez, Shirley Yost and Charles and Anne Moeller. We thank them for their enthusiasm and sensitivity while judging entries. The theme that students wrote essays for or created original artwork for was “The Lord is my Light.” All participating students are enrolled at Santa Sophia Academy.

First and second place prizes were awarded in each division. First prize is $25.00 and second prize is $10.00.

Artwork was entered in Division 1, which included students in grade 5, and also in Division 2, which includes those in grades 6-7-8. Elise Garcia, grade 5 won first place in Division 1 and Megan McCarthy, grade 7 won first place. The photograph of the 1st place entries in Division 1 and 2 are pictured here.

Essays were submitted only in Division 2. The winning essay, as written by 7th grader Hannah Lawson, is printed below:

The Lord is My Light

“The Lord is My Light” means several things to me. It means that the Lord helps me to see right from wrong; similar to how a light bulb helps you see in the dark. It also means that He is there to guide me through hardships and relationships. Lastly, it means that He is a window that brings light to all of my situations, both good and bad. It is a comforting feeling to have the Lord as my light because, like a candle, He is warm and He will always be there, even when I fail to make the right choices.

My conscience helps me to see right from wrong. It is the light that guides my actions. Following the light will lead to a happy life and a good relationship with God. When I do not follow the light I must repent to God and build up my relationship once more. I strive to follow my light.

The Lord has been my light and has guided my family through many hardships. The Lord was my light when I was stressed about homework. God was my father’s light when he was going through graduate school. He was my mother’s light when she had the flu. He was my grandmother’s light when she broke her ankle. The Lord has never burned out on us as our light.

The Lord has brought light to many of my situations. When I found money, he told me to turn it in. I was angry, and He told me to let it go. I was sad, and He lifted my spirits. I am thankful that He is my window, my guide and my friend.

I believe that the Lord is in each and every one of us. He represents love and compassion. When we recognize that love or compassion in others and ourselves we find the true light inside of everyone. That is what “The Lord is My Light” truly means to me.


Winning Art Entries


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